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    Dear Deviants,

    Today started at 7:30 a.m. which I warn you is much too early for anyone to be getting up, least of all a college student. Don't you know us college students need our beauty sleep? We all know good looks and well rested minds are at the foundation of success it's just a given, you can use all of your misguided honey tongued philanthropic language to try to explain it away but facts are facts. 

    So it was a standard morning for me, all except I did fit in a little yoga, which felt absolutely amazing; I forgot how good it feels to stretch and move. I suppose one would. After being cooped up on their laptop for five entire days. So I'm slightly indolent. Don't you think I've already added that to my ongoing tally of this is what's wrong with me? But just for your sake I'm not going to denote an entire journal entry to my insolent self reflections. Thankfully, for your sake I'm not in the business of boring people. 

    First thing this morning, I spent a good hour going over my math lessons because I had a test this morning at ten a.m. I wasn't too worried about it, and I'm not completely dependent on getting an excellent grade; I mean so long as I get by and I actually learn what I need to learn, right? I took a quick shower and spent far too long deciding what to wear. Yeah, about that it usually takes me a good two hours to get ready to go out of the house. Shocking! What a waste of time you're probably thinking, but please do let me explain myself before you get critical of me. For one thing, when you're as curvy as I am you have to do something to improve upon yourself in order to make yourself presentable. People claim all this bullshit about you just need to be yourself and who cares if you look like a slob because if you're yourself people will love you. Look I don't know where they got that host of lies, but from my experience if you dress like a slob, you feel like a slob and you get treated like one too. I won't reduce myself to such levels. If I have a free will and a choice of which I have, what on god's green earth would possess me to dress indecently? Nothing and nobody. That's right the world doesn't stand a chance to think of me in such lights, or should I say shadows? So with that I dressed in my teal jeans, rose colored tee, accented with my favorite pink and teal scarf, and threw on my blacked trimmed white blazer. Oh! and we can't forget the pink ballet flats. Yep, I looked like a cute little tuffet. So spare me the insults because I already know how ridiculous I must look in some of my wardrobe choices. 

    I took the test right on schedule, and I'm pretty sure I got a few problems wrong; but I'm also pretty sure I got more than a few right. Thanks be to god for calculators, and my insufferable brain. Just a note to self, those extra points, are freakin' horrible; I should have gotten them. Oh, well the good news was I got out of class an hour early. Praise be! Now I can go home and dance.

    And that is exactly what I did. I danced for a good hour. Just so you don't think I'm one of those "good at everything superstars" in all truth, all critical evaluation aside; I am absolutely hilarious to watch dance; I am so rhythmically challenged, that's saying the very least! Maybe now you can understand why I dance at home in solitary confinements. mberlake, Thriftshop it's an inevitable riot. Dancing, yoga, and basketball are about the only forms of exercise that I actually enjoy. So maybe I'm slightly indolent because I don't jog like all the rest of the flock following flamingos on this planet, who think they're somehow all going to be the next Usain Bolt because they're god forsaken 4 miles every morning. Fuck it. I'd rather dance or shoot baskets, at least that way I know my head won't suddenly disassemble itself from my body because it thinks its no longer needed anymore. Glorified jogging best known as boredom; it's overrated. 

    So I ate a few carrots with some of that god awful for your health Russian Dressing, but oh it tastes so good as a vegetable dip. Oh, and I can't forget to fill my water bottle before I leave for class again. I was planning on getting a few paragraphs of my essay presentable but no what do I do? Dance for a freakin' hour, there goes study time. GREAT! I was glad my english professor decided to go over MLA because I didn't know what the heck I was doing. It was also peer review day; not my favorite thing; my papers are a shrine to be read in quiet reflection not in the earshot of half the students in my class. Sometimes, my life is so disrupted by reality.

    Thankfully, English didn't last forever because I had a whole lot of errands to run. First it was the tanning salon, then the grocery mart, and finally the bank. I like going to the bank because there is a teller who is incredibly nice to me. I'm not even sure what his name is but he always smiles at me and tries to strike up a conversation with me. I wouldn't think anything of it but the guy is absolutely gorgeous; he dresses like a CEO and has the manners and empathy of a saint. Golden brown skin, blond hair, and like I said very well groomed. Today was no different. I walked in signed my check at the little check signing table in the foyer. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him at the front desk through the glass doors. I preceded. Feeling satisfied with my choice of attire for the days tasks. The bank was not busy; praise the LORD! There were all four tellers waiting for me. But who was it that sought me out with his eyes and engaged me with his friendly greeting? Compelling me to come to his corner of the counter. I was surprised at how well he maneuvered me over without so much as a desperate look. He was smooth. I could tell he liked me his eyes were aggressively flirting with me as he took my check and ran it through the machine. He asked me pleasantly how my summer was going. I replied, "oh alright" But then I admitted it wasn't really that fun. He asked. Working too much? I said yeah. But also that I had the wise idea to take classes through the summer. He asked how many I was taking and I just said two. I fumbled with my words, and then I calmly excused myself after receiving my receipt. I was sad to go but I didn't want this to turn into an awkward charade. And of course I'll see him again. God, he was hot I especially admired his watch it looked like it costed a fortune. I love business men; I don't care what anyone else says a suit and tie is and always will be the most attractive thing on a guy. 

    Not much else happened today really. I went home cooked some dinner, which was a taco salad with that god awful for your health salad dressing and my favorite avocados. Fattening yes? But they're at least healthier than eating a donut, right? So here I am sitting writing. Oh god how I love it. I'm so glad I have you my readers. I don't know it's not nearly as enjoyable to just write to yourself. I hope I didn't bore you all too much today. 

Questions for my readers:
1. What type of guy/ or girl do you find the most attractive?
a. businessman or woman
b. cowboy/redneck
c. athletic sports guy/girl
d. nerdy guy/girl
e. casual average joe
2. What do you all think of exercise?
What's your least favorite form of exercise? 
What is your favorite form of exercise?
What do you think of everybody who jogs or are you one of them?

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